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Happy Feet from Vancouver Orthotics

Hello Vancouver!!

The great weather is upon us. I hope everyone is taking the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, be active and keep the body moving! Ever notice some shoes feel great while others absolutely kill your feet (or ankles, knees, hips or back)? There is good reason for this. Some footwear support your arches while others do not. The wrong shoes can cause pain!!

Who am I to tell you what shoes to wear................. but if you are willing to listen, call our office and schedule a foot/shoe evaluation. Bring in your 3-5 favorite shoes and I'll evaluate them for wear and tear, support, stability and either give my thumbs up or my thumbs down. Don't worry - I'll be gentle with my recommendations.

All patients receive a consultation, and a postural/spinal and foot evaluation when they come to our office. Are you due for one of these? Contact us at 604-733-7744.

Happy moving and Happy Feet!!

Dr. Michael Horowitz, Vancouver Orthotics