Scar Tissue around and within the Foot

Scar Tissue is a type of connective tissue that results from the normal healing process. It is usually stronger than the original tissues, but less able to carry out the jobs that the original tissues were designed for because it is not as elastic or strong. Scar tissue is simply where the skin has a continual pressure and friction against it, where it starts to become inflamed.Some of the most common places are on the outside of the foot on the fifth metatarsal behind the little toe, on the first metatarsal behind the big toe, on the back outside portion of the heel bone, on the top of the instep of the foot where the lacing comes across and sometimes on the inside of the foot just below and ahead of the inside ankle bone.

Scar tissue is generally a different color than the normal color of your skin. It is generally a darker red and shows signs of where there has been pressure against the bony prominences on the feet.

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