Electronic Gait Analysis & Biomechanical EvaluationElectronic Gait Analysis, 3D Digital Foot Can & Biomechanical Evaluation

Electronic Gait Analysis & Biomechanical Evaluation

At Vancouver Orthotics, we take our work seriously! We've invested in the newest & latest technology to get the best results for our patients. All patients will receive a consultation and examination. This exam will include TOG (The Orthotic Group) technology, including Posture Exam, 3D Foot Scan and Electronic Gait Scan Analysis. This Biomechanical Evaluation is used for determining the need for custom orthotic inserts as part of the treatment of a variety of foot, ankle, knee, hip & back pain related symptoms.

Electronic Gait Scan & Biomechanical Evaluation

Here is what to expect:

Electronic Gait Analysis & Biomechanical EvaluationA lot has changed over the years. In the 1950's, practitioners used a plaster cast type assessment to make custom orthotics. In the 1970's a foam box imprint was implemented. Technological advances has allowed the use of a 3D digtal foot scan and electronic gait scan. These tools enable the most up to date biomechanical evaluation possible, leading to the most accurate form of custom orthotic created.

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