Dispensing your New Custom Orthotic Inserts - Now What?
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Thank you for choosing Vancouver Orthotics and Dr. Michael Horowitz.

Whether this is your first pair of custom orthotic inserts or you've had multiple pairs in the past, we've included a summary as well as tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of your Orthotic Experience.

Vancouver Orthotics1.jpgYou'll want to start by removing the manufactured insole, and replace it with your new custom inserts. If your shoes did not come with a removable insole, place the orthotic in the shoe as far back to the heel as possible. Your orthotics should feel comfortable and fit snugly into your shoes, especially if we took a trace of your intended footwear on your initial visit. If you find the insole is bunching at the end, don't worry, they can be easily trimmed. To trim your new orthotics we recommend using the manufactured insole as a guide.

•Please take a short walk with your new orthotics. How do they feel? Do you feel the bounce? Do they feel amazing under your feet?

• Custom orthotics usually take some getting used to. To break them in we recommend wearing them for 1-2 hours on day one and adding an additional hour each day for the next 5-7 days. This is an important step as your feet need a chance to adjust. Everyone responds differently however, it usually takes two weeks to get used to wearing your orthotics.

•If after the break-in period, at 3 to 4 weeks, if you feel your orthotics are causing you discomfort, contact us at 604-737-3668 or email us at info@vancouverorthotics.ca to discuss. We'll help you setup a follow-up appointment if necessary.

Vancouver Orthotics 3.jpgDuring your orthotic fitting (pick-up) appointment, Dr. Horowitz would have provided you with an official Vancouver Orthotics Patient Receipt (including Biomechanical Exam and Gait Analysis) and Proof of Manufacturing (indicating the Laboratory information, raw materials and casting technique. Please submit this information to your extended healthcare provider along with your claim and referral note (prescription) if required.
Once you've had a chance to break in your orthotics:

•We will send a 1-month follow up email to see how you are feeling.

•As much we we love happy feet, we absolutely LOVE happy repeat customers - it's the ultimate compliment. So we always offer patients an additional pair for $300 within 6-months of your order.

Concerns you may have:
If you are experiencing any minor aches that move between your legs, knees, hips or lower back, this is an indication that your custom orthotics are having a beneficial effect. In the same way that your muscles may ache after a strenuous workout. Your new custom orthotics are stimulating your body and feet to become more mechanically efficient while offering more balance.
Occasionally, a new pair of custom orthotics may squeak. If this is the case, simply place some talcum powder between the footbed of the shoe and the orthotic. This should do the trick!
If you find that your orthotic is slipping forward or moving around, we recommend removing the manufacturer's insole. If that is not possible, try wearing the orthotics for a few days until they settle into the shoe. You can also use double sided tape to maintain position.

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Vancouver Orthotic Warranties
With all of our Vancouver Orthotic Inserts we offer multiple warranties:

3-Month Modification Warranty: All patients have a 3-month warranty on their new orthotics for modifications which may be required. Modifications are determined by Dr. Horowitz upon discussion after your 3-4 week break-in period.

6-Month Defective Parts Warranty:
All orthotics have a 6-month warranty against defective parts (eg. top cover peels off or other components break down).

Lifetime Plastic Orthotic Warranty:
Your plastic orthotic component should never crack or break. If it does, you are covered under the Lifetime Warranty to have this replaced at no charge for the new orthotic. There is however a re-examination fee of that may be required, especially if 1+ years have passed since the broken orthotic was made.

Top Cover Refurbishing:
Every once in a while the top cover of your orthotics will break down. To preserve its life or update the top cover (and bottom cover), there is a $60 recovering fee. If the top cover needs to be replaced within the first 6 months, it is covered under the 6-Month Defective Parts Warranty at no cost.

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