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Orthotics or 'Orthoses' are inserts that comfortably fit into shoes; they are designed to support and improve the functioning of feet. Dr. Michael Horowitz will prescribe orthotics to patients suffering from chronic foot or lower limb problems or to athletes to help maximize performance during sport.  


Your orthotics should be worn every time you are on your feet - during work, at home and at play. Orthotics are like eyeglasses, they work when they are worn. We encourage you to wear them as much as possible to receive maximal benefit.


During the first few weeks of wearing your orthotics, you may experience aches and pains in your feet and legs. This is normal and is an indication that your orthotics are working. Your body has been conditioned to accommodate feet that do not function properly; as a result, it may need time to adjust. If your discomfort persists beyond a few weeks, please contact our office, your orthotics may simply need a minor adjustment.


Orthotics are most effective in shoes that are constructed well, fit properly, and are in good condition. It is best to bring in your shoes when Dr. Michael Horowitz is fitting you for orthotics. Knowing the type of footwear you wear the most will help Dr. Michael prescribe the right style of orthotics for your lifestyle. It is quite normal for some practitioners to prescribe two pairs of orthotics to patients (ie. Dress and Sport). When shopping for new shoes, it is also best to bring your orthotics with you for fitting purposes.


For the most part the answer to this question is yes. Every extended health plan is different though and it is important for you to check into that the stipulations include. Sometimes a MD's referral is required but often not. Often insurance plans will cover the majority of the cost on a year or every second year basis. The good news is that in many cases you will be reimbursed by your insurance company.

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