Vancouver Orthotics Limited (Ltd) by Dr. Michael Horowitz

Symptoms commonly treated with Vancouver Orthotics:

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The Benefits of using Vancouver Orthotic Inserts:
  • Better Posture & Balance
  • Enhanced mechanical efficiency of motion
  • General & athletic performance improvements
  • Prevention of joint & soft tissue injury
  • Support & correction of the fallen (pronated) or high (supinated) foot arc

Orthotics / Orthopedics - an allied health care medical profession or field that is concerned with the design, development, fitting and manufacturing of orthoses, which are devices that support or correct musculoskeletal deformities and/or abnormalities of the human body - such as flat/fallen/pronated feet.

Foot pain is not normal and should not be ignored; problems can affect the functioning of other parts of the body, including the hips, knees, and back. These are foot-related problems that may be related to biomechanical issues. Chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapists and sports medicine practitioners will often recommend custom foot orthoses as part of a treatment regimen.

They are prescribed to: