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A wide selection of orthotic shoes and orthotic footwear are available at our office in Vancouver. Provided by health care professional Dr. Michael Horowitz. We service Vancouver & the lower mainland providing a wide variety of services including the prescription, fitting and dispensing of custom orthotic shoes.

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Orthotic Shoes & Footwear, Online Booking for Vancouver Orthotics

At Vancouver Orthotics, we offer a wide selection of "PRE-FABRICATED ORTHOPEDIC SHOES & FOOTWEAR". Pre-Fabricated Orthopedic Shoes are just that; a quality pair of shoes that have been pre-made and suitable to fit a custom orthotic insert. The specificity of what we offer is important because your extended health insurance plan may or may not reimburse you for "pre-fabricated orthopedic shoes & footwear". It is the responsibility of each patient to find this information out. We can however offer a custom orthotic insole receipt for the orthotic portion of the footwear. This is often helpful for patients looking for support in a functional shoe with potential insurance coverage.

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We Treat That! Vancouver OrthoticsHave your questions about Orthotic Shoes answered by Dr. Michael Horowitz by calling 604-737-3668 or by filling out the form below. He will respond promptly.

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