Parisa Ehsan

·Completed a Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine program at PCU College (diploma) – (D.TCM Dip.)

·Vancouver Registered Acupuncture, R.Ac. 

·Esoteric Emotional Release Practitioner

Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration & Therapy

Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration was created 30 years ago by Dr. Darrell Wolfe due to the internal scar tissue and crystallization he found in almost all of his patients; this being the underlying cause of physical pain experienced in the body.

Wolfe Deep tissue Restoration & TherapyThis works deep at the insertion and origin of tendons and ligaments to remove scar tissue and crystallization, preventing premature aging with pain and inflammation that is the true cause all pains and disorders which needs to be addressed or eliminated.

When you release the internal scar tissue at the insertion and origin of the muscles you automatically release the muscle tension and spasm within the muscle belly, which was only there as a protective safety mechanism against further injury in the insertion and origin of muscles. Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration is applied by using the base of the phalange, forearm, epicondyle or elbow.

This technique is used to mobilize the muscle, tendon or ligament, separating the adhesions between the individual fibers that are restricting natural movement. Traditional techniques, where they stretch out the muscle in an attempt to widen the distance between the muscle fibers, are temporary at best. During stretching, the muscles lie more closely together. Adhesions within the tissue cannot be broken down by stretching, but only by using a deep transverse manipulation, which broadens the tissue, opening it up and allowing circulation and nerve flow to be restored. This is particularly true of the fibers that attach muscle to bone, where the vicinity of stationary tissue restricts the mobility of adjacent muscle.
Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration Therapy restores proper blood flow and increases range of motion instantly. In any form of injury, chronic muscular problem, or crippling condition, there will be internal scar tissue (lesions) or atrophy (decreased muscle tone) developed by the physiological process.

From a frozen shoulder to a cancer tumor you will have crystallization and scar tissue formation when incorrect guidance and treatment is given. When you remove the hardened internal scar tissue, crystallization and scar tissue knots, then you will be free of pain and able to perform at your optimum once again, as a healthy active person…at any age. This hardened internal scar tissue must be manually broken down and then flushed out of the system through hydration and clean light diet

Age has nothing to do with pain – unless you’re the so-called, average person. When a practitioner has the knowledge of internal scar tissue removal and the ability to teach their patients the foundational keys to vital health on a daily basis, then and only then will permanent healing take place.

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