Lateral Shoe WearingLateral Shoe Wearing

SHOE CHECK: are your shoes wearing excessively on the outer heel?

One test to see how well your feet and ankles are aligned during gait is to observe their wearing pattern. When a patient comes into our office with symptoms (foot pain, ankle, knee, hip, back pain, etc) this test is one of the clues used to determine if their feet need additional support and correct.

Custom Orthotic Inserts are the method we use to provide:

Do I need to change my shoes?

This question is often asked and is best answered by performing the Shoe Test:

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  1. Do your symptoms flare up when you wear those particular shoes (immediately, afterward or a day later)?
  2. Squeeze the heel of the shoe. Rigid or no resistance?
  3. Bend the sole of the shoe from heel to toe. Rigid or resistance?
  4. Twist the shoe longitudinally. Rigid or resistance?

If 2 out of 4 tests are positive, it’s time to have your feet examined.

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