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Below is a summary with links to the Top Treatable Conditions we see here at Vancouver Orthotics. Based on what patients seek us out for, we've created this list and a way to answer your questions and to provide information that will help you make better health decisions as you seek support and treatment. 

Custom orthotic inserts help improve the biomechanics of foot contact. They help align the foot with the most efficient way to alleviate ground forces which cause many of the symptoms patients seek us out for. Weight bearing joint stress can be the source of many "top conditions" and we believe that by focusing on the source of the problem, we can have the greatest affect on those symptoms.

Dr. Michael Horowitz provides a 5-Step-Process for treating your aches and pains. Contact us at 604-737-3668 for more information and to book your appointment. You can also fill out this contact form below and "ASK DR. MICHAEL"!

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The following is a list is an additional compilation of conditions and symptoms often experienced due to collapsed arches.

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