ITB Syndrome (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) in VancouverIlioTibial Band (IT Band) Treatment in Vancouver

ITB Syndrome (Ilio-Tibial Band)

IT Band Syndrome is a common thigh injury generally associated with running. It can also be caused by biking, hiking or weight-lifting (especially squats).  The iliotibial band is a superficial thickening of tissue on the outside of the thigh, extending from the outside of the pelvis, over the hip and knee, and inserting just below the knee. The band is crucial to stabilizing the knee during running, moving from behind the femur to the front during the gait cycle. The continual rubbing of the band over the lateral femoral epicondyle, combined with the repeated flexion and extension of the knee during running, may cause the area to become inflamed.

Dr. Michael Horowitz offers a 5-Step process to successfully treating this condition.  He can help evaluate & diagnose your condition and recommend the best course of action for you. Call Vancouver Orthotics at 604-737-3668 for more information.

Of all the different type of lower limb sypmtoms out there, ITB Syndrome is perhaps one of the most likely to respond to custom orthotic shoes or orthopedic insert therapy. Naturally controlling pain and inflammation through ice, rest and massage is important. However, consider faulty mechanics from the feet upward as one of the most common causes for this painful condition. Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome responds well to conservative treatment such as custom orthotic care.

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