High Arches, Back Pain Treatment in Vancouver

thumb High Arches and back pain are commonly linked together.
A high arch is also known as a supinated arch. Less common than a fallen or flat arch, a supinated arch can create a lot of jarring to the foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back. Back pain due to a pronated (fallen) or supinated (high) arch is no surprise. We look for this correlation at Vancouver Custom Orthotics and correct the kinetic chain with custom orthotic or orthopedic inserts.

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  Dr. Michael Horowitz offers a 5-Step process to successfully treating High Arches.  He can help evaluate & diagnose your condition and recommend the best course of action for you. Call Vancouver Orthotics at 604-737-3668 for more information.


  • What is the most effective treatment for high arches?
  • What exercises & stretches do you recommend for high arches?
  • What other symptoms are most commonly associated with high arches? thumb
  • What shoes are best for high arches?
  • Where can I get medical hardware for high arches?
  • Why is the pain so chronic?

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