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Dr. Scott Morrison, Coquitlam Tri-Cities OrthoticsDr. D Scott Morrison I am a CMCC Grad 1986 (Toronto). I have practised continually in Coquitlam, now into my 35th year. As a Chiropractor I have been blessed with thousands of opportunities to help others get their health “back!”

I have discovered that the bodies foundation and feet is essential to provide continual and consistent health! I have diagnosed and supplied 1000's of properly customized orthotics for my patients. The detailed results and long-term effects are most impressive and easy to obtain.

In the coarse of every day, we should all have a great bed, a well contoured chair and of coarse, impeccable footwear. Consistency is essential. If we want to support the weakness of our feet in our footwear, we should strive to support the foundation with each step. Orthotics make sense and incredible health.

I have a very special interest for foot biomechanics. As foundation for the feet, we have to assist the weight of gravity running through the whole body. Besides the feet this includes the knees, pelvis and back.

As a young man with flat arches and painful athletic knees, I was able to instantly improve with proper custom orthotics. It saved me from a recommended surgery.

I have been able to help many athletes both amateur towards future professionals. My interests athletically was well versed in ice hockey, golf and baseball. I have helped many patients in their sports to optimize their athletic potential and leave sporting pains behind! Healthy feet, custom orthotics will equal blue ribbon performances!

Coquitlam Tri-Cities Orthotics, Book OnlinePersonally I have switched much of my previous activities from hockey and golf, to my new love of cycling! In the day I had spent over 20+ years working with players and staff inside Junior Hockey. 100's of successful scholarships and professional contracts world-wide have been witnessed through the hard work of these athletes.

I have 3 Adult children who have blessed me with 9 grand kids! It excites me to see the next generation of kids take on the world and their health.

My experience and passion for health, for foot foundation, is deep. I am well schooled with science, with experience and anticipation of the future with your health. Let me know when you can schedule time for your orthotics, I am always excited to make a difference.

D Scott Morrison Doctor of Chiropractic

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