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The "competition": Happy Feet orthotics, Good Feet orthotics, Paris orthotics, Footmaxx, The Orthotic Group, Superfeet, Kintec o

Blog by Vancouver Orthotics, Hycroft Medical Building (114-3195 Granville St @ 16th Ave) | August 27th, 2008

The competition is fierce!!!!

I woke up at 4am the other day and couldn't get back to sleep right away. I turned on the TV and watched with amazement yet another infomercial on custom orthotic inerts and the biomechanical benefits of such items. The industry has exploded and for good reason. These babies work! Below I'll list a not-all-inclusive list of various companies in Vancouver and across Canada where orthotic inserts are available. The question is - what makes the difference - which companies can you trust - who is going to help you create the right product for your personal needs. In no particular order:

  • Vancouver Custom Orthotics by Dr. Michael Horowitz (that's us!!)
  • Paris Orthotics
  • The Orthotic Group
  • Good Feet Orthotics
  • Happy Feet Orthotics
  • Kintec Footlabs
  • OrthoWorks
  • Superfeet Orthotics
  • The Good Feet Store
  • Prodigy Orthotics
  • The RiteStep

And I'm sure I'm missing a 100 other providers of custom orthotic devices. This list doesn't even include the off the counter Dr. Scholls or "gel'en'it" inserts.

A commonly asked question at my office is "who can I trust", "who makes the best product", "where should I have my orthopedic inserts or shoes made. My answer to that question is the following:

It is essential that your orthotics are CUSTOM made. Off the self inserts do not cut it. They're cheaper and you get what you pay for. Sadly many people opt for these and their aches/pains do not resolve. I also tell potential patients they should consider the reputation of who they are having their orthotics made my. Do they have good references, are they pushy sales people, do they have a website full of information, are their prices reasonable, do they take the time to answer your questions and will they follow up with you and your personal needs?

I have a background in postural awareness and balance through my studies as a doctor of chiropractic. I work with Prodigy Labs in Burbany - specifically Dr. David Dixon (podiatrist) and Lowell Jordan (certified chiropodist) in consultation and construction of all custom orthotic inserts. I enjoy taking the time to consult, evaluate, examine and prescribe/fit my patients who are candidates for these orthopedic medical devices. I also follow up to ensure my patients happiness and effectiveness of the products they purchase.

The orthotics I have made for my patients come from the same labs used by the biggest and "best" companies. My patients have the benefit of having a chiropractor, podiatrist and certified chiropodist evaluate the products being made for them and their conditions.

I'd be happy to answer the questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me at or call 604-733-7744 to reach our office. We're happy to help you and want to make a difference for you! 

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