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Orthotics for SI Joint Pain

Blog by Vancouver Orthotics, Hycroft Medical Building (114-3195 Granville St @ 16th Ave) | October 29th, 2016

Are you experiencing low back and/or leg pain when you stand up? If so, you may be suffering from a dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint, or SI joint. There are two SI joints, and they sit on each side of your spine near where the lumbar spine (low back) connects with the pelvis. These joint acts primarily as a shock-absorbing structure, and they are responsible for carrying the weight of your upper body when you stand or walk, shifting that load to your legs. The pain can be dull or sharp, and can radiate through your buttocks, thighs, groin, or even your upper back. The primary cause of this pain is due to inflammation of the SI joints. Inflammation can be caused by an injury or an activity that causes repetitive strain, like jogging. Inflammation can also arise from gait irregularities, such as leg length discrepancy, or from pregnancy, in which hormones are released causing joints to loosen up and move more. In addition to cutting back, or eliminating, activities that cause you SI joint pain, you may also undergo physical therapy to help improve strength and flexibility, use heat and cold therapy, or chiropractic treatment to help to move and manipulate muscles and joints. If your SI pain is being caused by an irregular gait or any other biomechanical abnormalities, it will be worthwhile to find out if custom orthotic inserts or shoes may help. If you have any questions about the use of orthotic inserts to relieve pain caused by SI joint pain, give us a call at Vancouver Orthotics today!

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Note from Dr. Michael: Hi everyone, thank you for visiting our blog post. We like to share with the community because we know you have questions and some of you may be suffering from the symptoms we discuss. SI Joint pain syndrome or sacroiliac joint pain; way too common of a complaint we see at our office. The question is, have you been properly diagnosed and are you doing the right things to treat this condition? At our office we take all of our patients through a postural and spine exam to determine the nature of their concerns and come up with a game plan for treatment. Here at your servie; Dr. Michael Horowitz at Vancouver Orthotics (604) 737-3668