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Orthotics for Tired Achy Feet

Blog by Vancouver Orthotics, Hycroft Medical Building (114-3195 Granville St @ 16th Ave) | September 30th, 2016

Anyone with a job that requires them to stand for extended periods of time will be all too familiar with foot fatigue. Foot fatigue, discomfort, or pain is a very common condition experienced after spending lots of time either walking or standing. The muscles in the foot can cramp or become overly tired, even causing you to limp. Foot fatigue is very common in the work place and amongst runners, and can also be caused from foot conditions such as flat feet. Symptoms of foot fatigue are aching, swelling, or cramping either in the entire foot or centralized in the heel or ball of the foot. So, what can you do about it? The easiest way to relieve yourself from foot fatigue, is by sitting down and giving your footsies a break. If that isn’t possible during your work shift, stretch and massage your feet in the morning and evening to help relax the muscles, and while at work make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes with proper support. If you suffer from foot fatigue that you suspect is from flat feet, or if you are simply concerned that you aren’t getting enough support or shock absorption from you shoes, custom orthotic inserts will likely help. If you want answers to your foot fatigue and foot discomfort concerns, give us a call at Vancouver Orthotics, and Dr. Michael would be happy to help.

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Note from Dr. Michael: Hello everyone! Do you spend hours every day standing or walking at work? Do you find that during and at the end of the day your feet are screaming at you instead of singing? The compression of each step can accumulate throughout the day and if your feet are not doing a great job dispersion the force of each step, your feet are going to feel exhausted. In turn this can lead to other symptoms such as limping, foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain. Let’s get to the source of the problem; evaluate your shoes and feet; and find some solutions to get your feet walking on clouds again. Happy to help!

Dr. Michael Horowitz, Vancouver Orthotics 

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