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Shun Shin Splint Pain

Blog by Vancouver Orthotics, Hycroft Medical Building (114-3195 Granville St @ 16th Ave) | August 20th, 2016

Do you ever experience a throbbing pain in your shins after a jog? Or maybe you’ve recently changed your work out, and now you’re forced to ice your shins afterward? Or maybe you’ve experienced the pain after simply running after the bus? Regardless of the circumstances, shin splints are the pits. Shin splints are very common, and can be caused by irritated overused muscles, stress fractures, or overpronation caused by flat feet. I experienced shin splints for the first time back in the day playing volleyball for my high school team. As a team, we got matching shoes and that is when the shin splint pain set in. I remember those alarmingly cold ice wraps like it was yesterday, and I also remember how simple my solution was to fix that sharp pain. Spoiler alert: the solution was orthotic inserts. If you have been experiencing acute pain in your shins, custom orthotic inserts may be your solution. Give us a call at Vancouver Orthotics today to set up an exam!

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Dr. Michael Horowitz offers a 5-Step process for relief & treatment of shin splints in Vancouver. 1) consultation & postural examination, 2) electronic gait scan analysis, 3D foot scan & biomechanical evaluation, 3) custom orthotic fitting, 4) orthotic dispensing, 5) follow up care.  Call me at 604-737-3668 to discuss further or email Dr. Michael at to take action & solve your shin splint issues today.

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