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Self Love & Self Care isn't SELFISH, it makes for GREAT HEALTH-CARE!

Blog by Vancouver Orthotics, Hycroft Medical Building (114-3195 Granville St @ 16th Ave) | February 6th, 2021

Hi everyone,


Dr. Michael Horowitz, You’re Friendly Neighbourhood Chiropractor in Vancouver.  

And the owner of Vancouver Orthotics!

In this months Video Blog I’d like to talk to you about two Important Ideas;

(1) First, it is February, & with Valentine's Day, I'd like to remind you that it's time to show yourself some LOVE! It's a good time to take care of yourself & treat yourself to Health with practices such as Chiropractic, Massage or Yoga and some of those good habits such as eating well and getting enough rest & relaxation!  

(2) Secondly, Self-Care isn't Selfish, it is actually Great Health-Care. We don't focus enough on our own physical & mental health & wellbeing. So many times we put everything before ourselves. So please remember; now is as good as ever a time to focus on Self-Care, which is not SelfIsh at all. It makes for Great Health-Care!

February is a good time to lavish some love on yourself as well as on others.

LOVE yourself. LOVE your spine & LOVE your Feet! Remember our Feet are the Foundation to Great Posture & Alignment. If you want Great Posture, we're going to have to start from the ground up, with your Feet.

Consider a Foot Exam at Vancouver Orthotics. I offer my patients Diagnosis & Treatment of Musculoskeletal Symptoms such as Flat Feet, Foot & Back Pain.

If you’d like more information about Vancouver Orthotics, please visit our website, where you can book an appointment online, email us with any questions you have or Call Us directly and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Remember, Self-Care isn't SELFISH, it makes for GREAT HEALTH-CARE!

Thanks Everyone, enjoy & have a great month.

Keep Moving with Your BEST FOOT FORWARD,

Dr. Michael Horowitz,  

& Vancouver Orthotics

Try Vancouver Orthotics for Flat Feet & Foot Pain. Diagnosis & Treatment by Dr. Michael Horowitz. Call 604-737-3668 to schedule an appointment Or Book Online here