We Treat That! Vancouver OrthoticsTestimonials for Vancouver Orthotics by Dr. Michael Horowitz

The best $475 I've ever spent! - Gary

These orthotics have changed my life! - Bradly

I take my entire family every year for reassessment & to have new pairs made - Imelda

After 3-weeks of wearing my orthotics by knee pain was completely gone! - Esther.

With my orthotics I'm feeling good & less foot fatigue with walking - Barbra

Dr. Michael was very patient in explaining how orthotics will work for me. His exam was very thorough. We was super nice! - Rodante

I had chronic plantar fasciitis & Dr. Michael gave me 5 steps for treating it while nothing else seemed to work. I'm happy to say my sypmtoms are gone! - Alex

I appreciate the wide selection of orthopedic shoes Dr. Michael offers - Zamir.

I got myself my first pair of orthotics from Dr. Michael Horowitz at Vancouver Orthotics.  I never write reviews but based on the level of customer service and support I felt compelled to write a review on this doctor.  He took a considerable amount of time and caring to properly fit me in my new custom orthotics.  He began by assessing my stride and did a gait scan and then used a 3D scanner to assess my feet.  I got to say that the equipment is really unbelievable and I can see that Dr. Michael used all the latest technology to assess my feet.  My feet adjusted to the orthotics extremely quickly and Dr. Michael took his time to explain the procedure for wearing them for the first week or two.  I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Horowitz to anyone that needs to get a custom pair of orthotics.  He is a genuinely wonderful person and really took his time in ensuring that I got the best product and fit for my feet.  Keep up the great work and thanks for taking the time to help me with my feet. Lou S.

I was suffering from severe shin splints due to fallen arches and it had been negatively impacting my ability to play a lot of the sports that I've grown to love.  I reached out to Dr. Horowitz via his Facebook page and he reached out to me almost immediately.  

He gave me some immediate things I could do to alleviate my pain and we set-up an appointment to see if orthotics were the correct treatment option.  Dr. Horowitz was incredibly informative as he walked me through the entire treatment process including a detailed explanation of the cause of my pain.  

I'm very happy to say that after a few short months I no longer am suffering from shin splints and I owe all the credit to Dr. Horowitz and his amazing team at Vancouver Orthotics.

Ryan C.

I started seeing Dr Horowitz after I was rear-ended in a car collision. My neck and back were injured during the crash. Dr Horowitz has helped me tremendously on the road to recovery. I would be happy to recommend him to my friends and family for his intelligent and insightful treatment. Chris T

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