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Ankle Pain Relief in Vancouver

October 18th, 2018

Ankle Pain Treatment in Vancouver

Ankle Pain is one of the most common complaints that presents to our office. Some obvious sources of ankle pain are direct trauma or sprains. Another common cause of ankle pain is chronic postural stress due to mechanical inefficiency. Flat or pronated feet are a direct cause of this inefficiency. Dr. Michael Horowitz often recommends custom orthotic inserts to treat this biomechanical ...

Metatarsal "Ball of Foot" Pain In Vancouver

October 17th, 2018

Metatarsal Pain in Vancouver

Metatarsal Pain is pain located at the forefoot (front part of the foot before the toes). The foot has 5 metatarsal bones that extend forward to the toes, as well as a metatarsal arch, which can sometimes lose its position and alignment. A metatarsal pad may be recommended in conjuction with a custom orthotic insert in order to help alleviate metatarsal pain. Other pain relief suggestion ...

Heel Pain Relief in Vancouver

October 14th, 2018

Heel Pain in Vancouver

The heel bone is the largest of the 26 major bones in the human foot.  While it is a large and strong bone, it is often injured and this pain can be quite disabling at times.  Heel pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis -- a condition that is sometimes called heel spur syndrome when a bone spur is present. Heel pain may also be due to other causes, such as a stress fracture, tendo ...

Orthotics Clinic Near Me in Vancouver

August 14th, 2018

Hello and Happy SPRING from Vancouver Orthotics, the office of Dr. Michael Horowitz   


What kind of Orthotic Provider would I be if I didn't make a play on the word SPRING when it comes to this time of year (original Blog Spring of 2018). What type of Professional would I be if I didn't make mention of that feeling in each step when you wear good shoes and experience therapeutic Orthotic ...

Knee Pain in Children

March 17th, 2018
Hi everybody! Happy St. Patricks's day! Today we had a family come into the office with a 13-year-old boy who is experiencing knee pain in both knees. This young man play soccer three times a week, and is quite active on his non-soccer days as well. Dr. Michael performed a postural and foot exam on him and diagnosedKnee Pain in Vancouver him with jumper's knee (Ddx Patello Femoral Syndrome). Custom orthotics have ...

5 Reasons to Choose Custom Orthotics for the Treatment of Low Back Pain

March 15th, 2018

We Treat That!.jpg1. The feet are the body’s foundation. Just like a building, fixing problems in the foundation can help with problems throughout the structure.

2. “Bad” feet are linked to bad backs—the research proves itFixing bad feet can make a huge difference in the treatment of low back pain.

3. Your feet may feel just fine—but they could be causing problems up above. Foot imbalance or dysfunction is ...

Best Reviewed Orthotic Clinic in Vancouver

February 16th, 2018
Welcome to Vancouver Orthotics!

Best Reviewed Orthotic Clinic in Vancouver OrthoticsToday we had a patient search google for "Best Reviewed Orthotic Clinic in Vancouver" and we are happy to say he found and chose us! Perhaps we saw our Google Business Listing - https://goo.gl/NqfZEC

and noticed our 24 reviews which we are very proud of. Of perhaps this patient appreciated the content, descriptions and solutions to the variety of symptoms he was ...

Orthotic Clinic Near Me

February 9th, 2018
Are you looking for an "orthotic clinic near me"?

Orthotic Clinic Near Me, Vancouver OrthoticsWelcome to Vancouver Orthotics! My name is Aislyn, and I'm the weekend office manager of Vancouver Orthotics. It is so common for patients to google "orthotic clinic near me" that I decided to dedicate today's blog entry to "orthotic clinic near me". We are located in the Hycroft Medical Building at Granville and 16th in Vancouver.

Dr. Michael H ...

Introducing Toronto Orthotics

November 27th, 2017

Hi everyone,

Dr. Michael here in Toronto visiting family until the end of the year. Many of you may not be aware that my older sister is also a chiropractor. Dr. Leslie Horowitz! I'm working with her towards building up her practice, My Toronto ChiropractorGeneral Sports Toronto Orthotics and Toronto Orthotics.

It's fun working with her and she's also great at what she does.

See you all in the new years, all the best in health ...

Sun Life Extended Health Coverage and Custom Orthotics

December 16th, 2016
If you have extended health coverage through Sun Life Financial, then you may have coverage for your custom orthotic inserts or shoes. If you have been prescribed custom orthotic footwear** (either inserts or shoes) by your physician, podiatrist, chiropodist, or orthopedic surgeon you have come to the right place! Here at Vancouver Orthotics we can assist you in submitting your insurance clai ...
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